We are shocked to hear that our goverment thinks that we would ever misuse the official Finnish Arms. The Finnish Arms logo is defined by the act on the arms of Finland (381/78) as follows: "A crowned lion rampant on a red field holding a raised sword in an armoured hand replacing the animal's right front leg, and trampling a sabre with its hind legs; the lion, the crown, the hilts and the joints of the armour being in gold, and the blades of the weapons, and the armour itself being of silver; nine silver rosettes being scattered in the field." We think that Finland is the greatest country in the world and we are very proud of our history. So much so, that we wanted to create a logo to combine our heritage and our passion - fishing. As a result, our Fishing Lion logo is used inside the rod tube cap to salute our heritage. So, Mr von Tötterström, close but no cigar.

In our Fishing Lion logo a fierce lion is holding the Trident of Poseidon as a mark of fishing related activities. That is further emphassied by having the tail formed as a fly hook. The slogan circulating the figure states the fact, that although not manufactured in Finland our products are proudly designed in Finland and extensively tested in Finland and beyond.
Black aluminum rod tube with machined bar-stock aluminum collar and caps. Black with golden XO-VISION logo. Inside the cap there is a cork layer working as a cushion with the Fishing Lion logo.
Our premium aluminium XO rod tube is finished with a light elegant rod cloth with individual sections for each rod parts. Easy to use and vital for the protection of your premium XO fly rod.

We started the XO project in 2013. The goal was to make a rod that exceeds all the rods we've made so far in every aspect. In this time we have tried and tested a lot of different combinations of materials and actions. Good enough was not going to cut it – it had to be as close to perfect as possible. We also wanted to add something that tells about our origins in Finland.