XO shooting heads are long Scandi heads made for long casts and good control over the swing. The sinking heads utilise our Sliding Density™ concept known from our Ace heads.


30g - 46g

The floating XO head is a unique full floater with a clear tip. It has a 5 metre floating clear tip for stealthy presentation.

38g - 46g

The Slomo to Sink3 head is a very versatile sinking head whether the need is to get down deep in a slow current or just to get under the fastest surface current and slow down the swing in fast flowing pools.

38g - 46g

The Sink3 to Sink7 is the line of choice for early season with high and cold water. The steep increase of density in Sink3 to Sink7 heads ensures the line sinks tip first and is very easy to cast for such a fast sinking line.