We have naturally nothing to do with the disappearing of their titanium storage and we are actually surprised by their claim.

However, we have to admit that we are very interested in the research done at the university, not only because one of our guys got his PhD from that particular department, but because they use titanium in their challenging space robotics projects.

If that stuff is good enough for space applications, it should be good enough for our purposes - on Earth.

The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as strong as some steels, but less dense. Titanium can be alloyed with iron, aluminium, among other elements, to produce strong, lightweight alloys for many applications, including also the rod guides of fly fishing rods. We tried many products and got the best action and feeling from the patented single leg REC nickel titanium alloy snake guides and American Tackle Company solid titanium stripping guides.
Solid Titanium alloy material for this unique guide series. Feather-light (Up to 64% lighter than like guides in stainless steel), 100% corrosion proof and rod-action flexibility translates into "high performance" that cannot be matched by any stainless material. Made in USA.
Patented single leg REC nickel titanium alloy snake guides for minimal friction, higher line speed and longer casting. REC RECOIL guides are made from a special nickel titanium alloy with unique physical properties. RECOIL guides are made from an extremely hard but flexible "Shape Memory" alloy, which does not require plating, cannot corrode in any environment, and returns to its original shape after repeated deformations. Made in USA.

We started the XO project in 2013. The goal was to make a rod that exceeds all the rods we've made so far in every aspect. In this time we have tried and tested a lot of different combinations of materials and actions. Good enough was not going to cut it – it had to be as close to perfect as possible. We also wanted to add something that tells about our origins in Finland.