One of the first things we heard when we originally launched the XO range was where are the double handed rods? Although we had already played around with these rods way before we came out with the single handed rods we did not want to launch these before we had fine-tuned these to as close to perfection as possible. We had the same goal as with all XO products – they have to exceed everything we have done so far in every aspect. Just as for the single handed rods we wanted something that reflects our origins in Finland and we added the curly birch from our forests also to the reel seat of these double handers.

The feel and lightness of this small doublehanded rod is evident from the first second it is picked up. It is at home on small to medium sized salmon, seatrout or steelhead rivers. With our Ace shooting heads you get the necessary finesse for smaller streams and silent presentation. Arm this with a 520 grain Ace Skagit shooting head and even this small rod will tame strong winds, heavy flies and medium sized rivers. Vision product manager Antti Guttorm: "This rod is my go-to-rod in later part of the season in Finnmark. I change between Ace and Skagit shooting heads depending on the conditions."
An all-round option for medium sized rivers and a light option for big rivers in low water conditions and stealthy approach when armed with our Ace shooting heads. It's also the favorite choice of our Skagit enthusiasts. AG: "If I had to pick one DH rod for my fishing this would definitely be the one! Fortunately I don't have to do that."
The generalist of doublehanded rods. Good all-round choice for medium to big sized rivers. Very versatile rod when it comes to different casting styles and lines.AG: "Great all-round choice for fishing my home river Teno. I also use it as my heavy duty Skagit rod. With 650 grain Ace Skagit this rod launches anything and everything to the horizon."
Power with a feel. That is how to describe this tool for big rivers and early season. The trend nowadays is going lighter but there is still a need for these big guns. Although the lighter rods have become better and can also handle tough situations like strong winds and big rivers, bigger rods have also become much better and lighter to use. With this kind of combination of power, lightness and feeling this rod is the ultimate choice when long casts are needed on big rivers.AG: "The #10 weight DH rod made a comeback for me! For the past 10 years I've used less and less of 15 footers and it got to a point that I only used 15 footers when I was testing prototypes. This rod has changed it for me and this has been one of the most used rods for me in the past 2 years. The power of it is ofcourse appealing but the feeling combined to that is what sets it apart. Long days full of casting is not a problem with this one."
This is a catapult! Extra length gives you those last couple of meters needed to out cast your friends. Whether you just want the bragging rights or to reach fish that hasn't seen as many flies on a crowded pool this rod excels. Especially designed for long casts on big rivers and for lifting heavy sinking lines for the cast with ease.AG: "Early season on Teno, Alta, Reisa, Gaula or whatever big salmon river, bring this rod!"