One of the leading European fly fishing tackle brands, Finnish company Vision Group Ltd., has been working actively for some years designing and rigorously testing special products in order to launch a truly high-end product family. Well known for its innovative and youthful approach throughout its mid-priced repertoire for nearly 20 years, the company is now introducing a product family for the higher price category for the very first time. The official launch took place on April 9th 2016 in Finland during the national fly fishing fairs.

Company flagships

The new high-end family was named XO, which, according to Vision product manager Antti Guttorm (FFF's CI, MCI and THCI), is to emphasise the speciality of the range. "Executive officer, eXtra Ordinary and Extra Old (cognacs) are all worthy acronym definitions for these unique products," he explains. "These meticulously designed and extensively tested Vision flagships are developed for traditional freshwater fly fishing." In 2016, the family will consist of two members: a floating WF-type fly line series full of nice, well-considered details and bold material selections and a premium single-hand rod series extensive enough to cover the majority of fishing situations, regardless of the location and techniques that one prefers. In October 2017 we introduced XO fly reel family, in early 2018 DH rods and in 2019 shooting heads to complete the XO story.

Experience par excellence

Antti continues: "Prior to launch the fly lines were widely used by our World Team members and some selected guides and casting instructors. Final prototype rods were flying from one continent to another in the hands of our people and friends. "They were subjected to extreme abuse day in, day out to confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the XO family motto 'Fly fishing tackle par excellence' applied to them as well as it does to the XO fly lines completed earlier. Once we had all the field reports in and carefully analysed, we could set the official full-scale XO family launch day to April 9th, 2016. Now, just few days after the launch, we can say that all went very well and the reception was very positive. We are counting days to July 1st, when we can start shipping rods and fly lines to our distributors all over the world. Then everybody has a chance to experience a special XO moment - and I am not talking about having a sip of expensive cognac. I am talking about fishing with fly fishing tackle par excellence."